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Rubber it’s two component liquid spray-on rubber waterproof coating will protect your roof against corrison and rust. Rubber It has been in business since June 2007, and has for its entire lifespan been owned by Mr. Dudley Visser. Rubber It mainly does business throughout Gauteng and in neighbouring provinces, but will welcome enquiries from anywhere in South Africa. For more information contact us today!

How Can We help You?

Rubber It manufacture our own unique range of Rubber water proof coatings that will protect your roof against Rust/Corrosion and Water Leaks, but will welcome Agent supply/DIY enquiries from anywhere in South Africa and neighboring countries.


Waterproofing is the process of making an structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. These includes roof, floors, basements and balconies

Corrosion Protection

Cost effective corrosion protection of concrete, steel and all other metals  should present little difficulty for common applications and environments if the factors that affect durability are recognised at the outset. This is where our product is ahead of it time

Engineered Applications

Here our  applications include the waterproofing of parking decks. Built-up water can damage the structure of the parking deck and pose a risk to the amount of weight that the structure can hold. Professional waterproofing however, may help to keep a parking deck as good as new for many years.


How We Work

We welcome anyone who would like to use our unique products to act as agents for these products as well. If you want to be an agent we will first need to train you to use the product, and then we will approve the warranty on the product. We use a wide range of rubber products, and each and every one enjoys its own exclusive features. Our products are environmentally friendly with 0% HAPS and 0% VOC, and their adhesion properties cannot be matched.

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